Chef Churros

A great churros experiEnce

Chef Churros offers creative options that will keep our customers coming back for more.

Our churros are made from scratch every day in our store using a traditional    (vegan friendly) dough recipe and cooked fresh to order. 

These fried dough sticks are typically rolled in a cinnamon-sugar blend, and served with a rich chocolate sauce. And the Brazilian style is filled with different fillings, bringing this new experience of taste. 

Chef Churros also offers a range of thick milkshakes made with a quality soft-serve  ice cream 

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The  Peckham Mall 

where Chef churros is based 


Situated in The Aylesham Centre, along Rye Ln, Peckham Mall is a new space of 50 independent shops and restaurants. Open 7 days a week to bring distant and local goods and flavours to Peckham.